LaRose on Che Lingo – Zuko Interlude


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Che Lingo has been channelling the waves for a few months now but he’s back with a brand new banger! ‘Zuko Interlude’ produced by Jordan Elgie & Smitherz is nothing but fire. Starting the track off with a smooth vibe Che Lingo releases his inner lyrical beast as soon as the beat drops. Stating where he’s from and showing off his exquisite intellectual wordplay; Che Lingo says, “Every time I spark a verse there’s a spike in the murder rate”.

Listen to Che Lingo – Zuko Interlude.

LaRose on WillJHNSN – Menage A Trois




WillJHNSN is a 21 year old artist from Paris, FRANCE, who is a R&B and Hip Hop enthusiast with experience in the sounds of Gospel. WillJHNSN has released his official track ‘Menage A Trois’ produced by Mantra. The track has gained over 240k listens on Soundcloud within its first month of release and there’s more to come as WillJHNSN is currently working on his first debut EP. He is also planning on making a move to Brooklyn, NYC in order to network and gain an experience of raw American Hip Hop culture.

I’m looking forward to hearing more of WillJHNSN, check out ‘Menage A Trois’ below.



“We make music with purpose. Music with substance something you can grow with.”… Revenge of the Truence (R.O.T) are a Hip Hop rap duo from Harlem, New York. The duo is made up of two extremely lyrical rappers; Tay Dayne and MuGGz.

MuGGz describes himself as, “lyrical street science with an aggressive delivery”, whereas Tay Dayne is an individual described as someone who speaks truth and drops knowledge. Together they are able to bring different aspects from the streets to enlighten the higher minds with their music that speaks only with substance and purpose.

Inspired by the late Christopher Lee Rios aka ‘Big Pun’, MuGGz’s tells me that Pun was the reason why he decided to start rapping. Tay Dayne expresses that it was real Hip Hop music that made him want to rap, the stories and scenarios made through the use of rap music inspired him to become a creator of the craft himself.

Tay Dayne and MuGGz both started as individual rappers until they began collaborating with each other, they then felt that their sound was better suited together, which led to the formation of Revenge of the Truence.

Tay Dayne: For a while I was mixing/mastering music, producing tracks for MuGGz. I began working on my own project when I felt there was a sound of hip hop I wasn’t hearing and I realized I would have to make it myself. From then on me and MuGGz began collabing and we realized we create a great blend of swag and musical content.

MuGGz: Word, it all fell in place.We both spit and make music so one day we decided to form the duo and here we are now.


ROT_front_Anew2-2 (1)

In August 2015 R.O.T released their album ‘ROT4Ever‘, bringing essences of an old school Hip Hop sound with their modern day lyrics, which has ultimately created a tape that feels almost like gold dust to a listener with a true hip hop head.

After listening to their album, I wanted to know what they believe made them different from the other rappers from New York.
MuGGz said, “Most New York groups or artists are following the ATL and Chicago bandwagon there are definitely some exceptions though, we bring authentic music to the table original songs and a undeniable New York sound”

I think that R.O.T differ incredibly from other New York rappers especially because they have remained loyal to their New York roots. Many rappers in todays society are creating music that they think are going to get them rich and famous quickly, music with no real content. However like MuGGz said R.O.T’s music is authentic, it’s relatable and it’s true. Their tracks ‘The Message‘ and ‘NY Back‘ are songs that I have played consistently, they have stuck with me and I have been eager to share them with other listeners. R.O.T’s music has a true effect on me, not only because of my love of Hip Hop but their sound allows me to imagine.

Gaining inspiration from their music led me to ask what inspires them. Other then music, Tay Dayne said that he likes to read and gain inspiration from his day to day life. MuGGz consumes inspirations from artist, both old and new and movies.

What Hip Hop albums have had an impact on your and your music?

MuGGz:  Big Pun – Capital Punishment, 2pac- The whole collection, Fugees – The Score, Mobb Deep – Hell On Earth, CNN -The War Report …the list is extensive    

Tay Dayne: Yeah the list could go on but Fugees – The Score, CNN, everything Tupac, Big L’s Lifestylez of the Poor & Dangerous, Smiff n Wessun Dah Shinin, MOP – First Family, Outkast – ATLiens, just a few

R.O.T are feeling great about their audiences response for ‘ROT4EVER‘. They vocalised to me that they have had people from all over the world supporting their movement and that they truly hoped for their audience to create a bond with their album, which has happened. Tay Dayne stated that he is happy that people love it as much as they do, “Its real Hip Hop, real New York… We appreciate the love and always give it back”

I went on to ask the duo what tracks from ‘ROT4EVER‘ are dearest to them and if they use music as an outlet. MuGGz chose ‘I Know‘ although he also told me that all of the songs have a particular importance to him and Tay Dayne said that it depends on the day, time and the mindset but he loves ‘The Message‘, ‘I Know‘ and my personal favourite ‘NY Back‘. ‘NY Back‘ is my favourite track on the album because its immaculate from the production to the lyrics and is exquisite in portraying the classic New York sound on one track. R.O.T are able to present themselves in the New York state of mind way, whilst showing where the capital of Hip Hop lies.

Music has been the place for both Tay Dayne and MuGGz to show who they really are. Gravitating towards music on a subconscious level has become second nature to them both. Being able to express themselves emotionally has also allowed their emotion to influence others and as artist they will always remember this.


When did you fall in love with music?

MuGGz: early on I’ve always loved music but I got hooked into hip hop around the age of 10.

Tay Dayne: Around 8 or 9 used to have piano and violin lessons. I knew from a young age as well this is what I loved and this is what I was going to do in life.

R.O.T Twitter- @LiveThruYours

R.O.T Instagram – ROT4EVER


*PREMIER* Fred Fredas ft Isha Davis – ANSWERS




Fred Fredas’ lastest track is here! Your hearing it on I GAVE A ROSE TO MUSIC first… ‘Answers’ features the wonderful singer Isha Davis, the two create a sound like no other. Answers is a tune that will get you thinking, it’s thought provoking but allows to vibe. Fred Fredas touches on subjects that we all think about in our subconscious minds whilst also giving you some insight on why as humans we do particular things. We have all been through situations when we are unable to find direction and through this phenomenal track ‘Answers’ we can learn that we have not been the only ones lost.

Fred Fredas has remarkable musical talent, from playing the piano to making beats, to creating a sound of his own. I will forever be a fan of Fred Fredas’ work! Enjoy ‘Answers’ with me.